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marca arroz brazal


rice from Aragon, grown with water from the Pyrenees

At the Arrocera del Pirineo cooperative we have been farming rice in Aragon since 1996. We grow our rice at a higher altitude than other parts of Spain, under conditions that are considered extreme for this crop. We irrigate our fields with pure, clean meltwater from the Pyrenees, and as we have our own mill we are able to oversee the production cycle from start to finish, ensuring that our hard work results in the finest rice in Aragon.

Our aim is to create a product of extraordinary quality, channelling the character and care of more than 60 farmers to produce single-variety rices that will help to make every recipe a success.

Our products are backed by the most prestigious quality standards: namely, the BRC and IFS seals. We offer unique and truly extraordinary products that have their own personality. In line with our aim of producing the very finest rice, at Arroz Brazal we continue to stimulate our curiosity by observing and learning from the world around us, and supporting the hard work and dedication of our farmers. 

Our rices


Our five varieties of rice in traditional plastic packaging. Unique and full of personality.


The selection of our finest rice in gourmet cloth sacks for the most discerning rice enthusiasts.


Our rice specialties, perfect for succeeding on the most special occasions.

Rice by Use

Our single-variety rices are the result of the hard work and dedication of a committed professional team



A rounded and pearlescent grain, with a tremendous capacity to absorb flavours and maintain its consistency while left to stand.



The Balilla x Sollana is of round and pearly grain. The Nuovo Maratelli is a rounded and pearlescent grain.

creamy rice-based stews


The Balilla x Sollana is of round and pearly grain. The Bomba is of short and pearly grain.



A pearlescent short-grain rice that can absorb a greater amount of water during cooking without bursting.

white rice and sushi


A clear, medium-sized grain that cooks quickly and always stays fluffy.

vegetable dishes AND SALADS


A medium-sized grain that is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.


Following our commitment to delivering a high-quality product, at Arroz Brazal, we continue to nurture our curiosity, learning, and observing the world around us. This way, we can keep advocating for the hard work of our farmers and the possibility of creating an extraordinary and distinctive product that conveys emotions and enables consumers to savor something truly unique.

Innovation and New Products

Committing to Innovation and Evolution

At Arroz Brazal, we are dedicated to innovation and evolution, as it is what allows us to ensure the quality of rice for our customers. Our brand image and concept have evolved over time. During the first two decades, we marketed our rice in traditional-looking packaging, very similar to what could already be found on store shelves. However, in recent years, we have reinvented ourselves with a new, modern, original, and eye-catching image that helps us continue to champion single-variety rice. We give more prominence to names and colors that enable consumers to get to know each rice variety and all its culinary possibilities.

Furthermore, we like to go a step further in product development, which is why we offer specialties such as the Haztumaki sushi kit, rice with dehydrated vegetables and mushrooms, or Oryza rice beer.

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