Arroz Brazal

Our history

Facha Molino - Arroz Brazal

Rice-growing in Aragon began in the 1930s in parts of the Ebro Valley in the province of Zaragoza. This activity spread to other areas of the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca in the 1990s in an attempt to remove salt from the soil and prevent desertification of those regions. The conditions of those soils made them unsuitable for other crops because their high clay and salt content were detrimental to their growth and resulted in low yields and poor quality. However, those areas were ideal for rice, resulting in a unique product of extraordinary quality.

Arrocera del Pirineo was founded in 1996 as an agricultural cooperative that would bring together more than 90 Aragonese rice farmers belonging to the existing Virgen de la Oliva, San José and Osca cooperatives. The following year saw the birth of the Brazal brand, under which the rice produced by those farmers was commercialised. Finally, in 2008 we acquired a rice mill in Alcolea de Cinca that had been in existence for 60 years. We then brought it up to date with state-of-the-art technology that would enable us to guarantee quality and traceability of the grain from field to table.

Characteristics and varieties of our rice

Our rice fields are located in the municipalities of Ejea de los Caballeros, Sádaba and Alcolea de Cinca, at a higher altitude than any other rice-growing region in Spain and also subjected to lower temperatures. The water with which are fields are irrigated is clean and cold water from snow melting in the Pyrenees. These conditions favour slow and homogeneous ripening of the grain, significantly reducing the presence of pests and diseases.

Our mission is to guarantee the high quality of our product, the result of extreme growing conditions and the characteristics of single-variety rice.

For this reason, we produce the following rice varieties:

  • Maratelli: round grain with a pearly lustre, ideal for paella, risotto and rice casseroles.
  • Guadiamar: medium-sized crystalline grain, perfect for steaming or boiling, as a side dish and for sushi.
  • Integral (brown): medium-sized grain, suitable for salads, vegetarian rice dishes and as a side dish.
  • Balilla X Sollana: round grain with a pearly lustre, suitable for risotto and dishes with creamy textures.
  • Bomba: round grain with a pearly lustre, perfect for soupy rice and dishes with creamy textures.

Innovation and new products

We at Arroz Brazal believe in innovation and evolution, which is what allows us to guarantee the quality of our rice for our customers. Our brand concept and image have evolved over time. In the first two decades of our existence, we sold our rice in traditional packaging that was very similar to that of other brands found on supermarket shelves. However, we have reinvented ourselves in recent years with a new, modern, original and striking image that enables us to continue to promote single-variety rice, giving greater presence to the names and colours that allow consumers to know each rice varieties and all their culinary possibilities.

In addition, we have taken a step into the areas of product preparation and processing, the result of which is the Hatumaki sushi kit, rice with dehydrated vegetables and mushrooms, and Oryza rice beer.

Our future

In keeping with our mission of offering a quality product, we at Arroz Brazal are constantly stimulating our curiosity by learning from and observing the world around us. This enables us to continue our work of safeguarding the livelihoods of our farmers and the possibility of obtaining an extraordinary product with personality that arouses emotions and allows consumers to enjoy something very special.